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EMIT-UK originally started using EMIT technology to time military orienteering events. The technology is widely used in Scandinavia and it’s rugged and versatile nature makes it perfect for the outdoor arena. This then progressed to the technology being applied to other events requiring a timing solution. In recent years we added the Chronotrack technology to compliment the EMIT technology to enable us to provide varied and greater options for our customers. We are one of a small handful of companies who are able to offer solutions with more than 1 timing system. We aim to be both friendly and flexible in our approach to finding the right option for your event.


  • Family owned and operated with both a military and business background.
  • Based in Hampshire but timing events nationwide and abroad.
  • We have over 20 years of event timing experience.
  • We can cater from small local events all the way up to large international events.
  • We are associated with Live Online Timing and work closely together to optimize support for our customers.
  • We use EMIT (Active Chip) or ChronoTrack (RFID Chip) equipment which both have well proven, international, reputation for reliability and accuracy. Which system, or combination of both systems we use, is dependent on the needs of each event.

EMIT Timing Services

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Chronotrack Timing Services

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What Types of Event Can We Time?

We are also able to provide an online registration system for your event. This is integrated with the Chronotrack timing system and Athlinks offering some additional benefits when used together such as Raceday App

  • How to use Emit in the best possible way

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