Results - Sun 26th Jan 2014 - BKO Southern Champs - Star Posts

29 Jan update: Analysis of the split times for the M45L class indicates that Alan Velecky (SO) lost sufficient time at the missing control to cost him the title of Southern Champion. Under such circumstances the Rules of British Orienteering indicate that the M45L race should be declared void (removing leg times is not an option for Level A events). However, in view of the fact that so few competitors were affected, and to avoid the adverse impact on other competitors in the age class, Alan has agreed to withdraw his protest so that the results may stand, on the condition that his own time is declared non-competitive".

"Control 144 was discovered to be missing and was not replaced until  10.28am.  This control featured early in the competition for 5 of the event’s courses which had in total 198 competitors between them.
The new rules for 2014 state that the voiding of legs is not permissible for Level A events but that whole courses must be voided where problems occur that affect the fairness of the event.  However, the rules go on to state that where the outcome only affects a limited number of potential top competitors e.g. 6, the final result can stand.
The situation and the options available was discussed at length with the Controller and in light of the rules and the number of courses and competitors affected and we decided that, given the limited period when the control site was out of action, it would be grossly unfair on  the remaining competitors to void the courses involved.  Before finalising our decision we took the opportunity of the event Jury being present to run our conclusion past them and they agreed with the course of action proposed."

Fiona Clough - Organiser Southern Championships/Concorde Chase

EMIT Note: Army were using M35L and W40L for their indiv champs, so those M21 indivs who were effectively running down a course have been made N/C so they do not affect age group placings.

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